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Joe Fournier is an award winning artist, musician and animator. ¬†His political strip is published three times a week in the Perspective section of The Chicago Tribune. ¬†Fournier’s work has appeared in many other venues, including The Cannes Film Festival, The National Gallery of Art and The Library of Congress. Fournier can be found at various clubs in Chicago with his baritone sax, projected animations and pen and paper. (FUN FACT: Fournier hasn’t a single cavity. Not a one!)FOURNIER-WITH-KISS-IN-THE-P

LOVE, it would seem, is making a comeback. Having fallen out of vogue, many are once again dropping the “L” word, though more often times than not, in haltedly embarrassed, apologetic tones. We hear things like, “As we combat terrorism, remember, hate can’t be beaten by hate! Hate can only be beaten by (and forgive me, I realize this is a very hippy-dippy, ‘groovy’ thing to say) but hate can only be beaten by love!”
The apologies will stop with use. Love, (sorry), love, love, love, love. See?
And MUSIC? It’s one of our niftier offerings as a species. The NASA program, the artificial heart, soft-serve ice cream, all marvelous things, yet none have the ethereal beauty found in a Chopin etude or the exquisite heartbreak found in Strayhorn’s “Lush Life.”
The LOVE & MUSIC pieces explore both themes, sometimes seperately, sometimes together, and hopefully tickle at some of the joy that can be found in both.